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Clean. Correct. Protect.
There are three stages in the process of Automotive Detailing & Paint Correction: ​​Cleaning, Correcting & Protecting. The choice is yours on how far you would like to take it!
Cleaningsimply consists of safe washing methods as well as contamination removal via clay bar, in preparation for the correcting/ polishing stages.

Correcting is a term used to describe the process of compounding and polishing the paint and other components back to a near perfect finish. Results are typically expected to be achieved between 70-98% of perfection. Any remaining imperfections are generally unnoticeable to the common eye.

​​Protecting has always been known as simply applying wax to the finish once it has been corrected, however, modern day products and technology have dramatically changed the car care industry and now provide a level of protection that is absolutely astonishing! Many protective coatings that we use today are expected to last for over 2 - 15 years of drive time and provide the paint finish with such a durable level of protection that accidental contact with light objects and materials are not likely to damage the paint. Also, the depth of gloss and shine within the paint is incredibly heightened. The results are truly aw-inspiring and many have never experienced anything like it. We offer relatively cost-effective coating applications, as well as world class coatings, and will be pleased to assist you in finding the perfect choice.
Stage 1 (Clean + Protect)
$350 - $850
Designed for your basic everyday needs, in this service we perform a full interior and exterior detail focused on cleaning & protecting as many surfaces and crevices as possible within a 4-5 hour time frame. Products used in this detail are among the very best, and protect your vehicles with our latest sealant technology making this “a detail that lasts”. Recommended 2-4 times per year
Stage 2 (Restore + Protect)
$1500 - $2999
Over the years what was once exciting and new quickly becomes smitten with scratches and swirls. This detail will restore the finish of your vehicle and bring it back to the level of shine first experienced when you drove it off the lot. Results are typically expected to be achieved between 70-98% of paint perfection, and will include our Detailist Signature Ceramic Coating! Recommended every 4-5 yrs
Stage 3 (360° Graphine Ceramic)
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More astonishing than most of our clients have ever experienced in all of their years as automotive enthusiasts. Our world class Graphene Ceramic Coatings are sourced from the finest manufacturers in the industry and will last for 8+ years. Additionally, maintenance is shockingly simple! This is truly the best way to protect the paintwork, window glass, wheels & trim of your favorite vehicles.
Paint Protection Film
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Paint protection film or PPF is a thermoplastic urethane often self healing film applied to painted surfaces of a new or used car in order to protect the paint from stone chips, bug splatters, and minor abrasions.
Custom Vinyl Decal
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Custom vinyl decal designs can bring out the unique look and feel to one's vehicle. If you are a car show enthusiast and have a vision, we can work with you to bring out your vision and create the most unique design for your vehicle.
Car Print Design
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Custom car print designs can help you promote your vehicle's unique story. We can design a full size movie poster, post cards, or business cards. Our in house digital graphic designer will make your vehicle look like a movie star.
Headlight Restoration
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Our headlight restoration method is a proven and excellent way to give your vehicle a fresh look, while maintaining a safe driving experience. This is a very effective way to enhance your visibility during nighttime travel!
Leather Restoration
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Using a combination of steam, cleaners, conditioning oils, and leather brushes, you will be amazed to see how much of a transformation we can achieve on your leather interior. Removing years of grime and contamination, bringing your leather to the supple feeling of new!
Window Restoration
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Window Oxidation Removal is one of the most rewarding detailing services– bringing back the invincible feeling
of being able to weather any storm. Experience increased visibility, minimal eye strain, and reduction of oncoming traffic glare during seasonal driving...
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