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"I have a high mileage Tesla that I turned over to Curtis for a ceramic coat.  My wife and I are very happy with the results!  We are picky people and despite its high mileage, we take very good care of our car.  It now looks better than new.  This has been confirmed by several Tesla owners that have asked us about the paint.  Most recently one asked why our 2019 car with 150,000 miles looks better than his brand new car.

Working with The Detailist is a pleasure.  Professional efficiency and good communication skills made us confident that our “baby” was in good hands and would be treated with respect.

We’ve put over 25,000 miles on the car in all kinds of conditions since Curtis did the work and it still looks great.  Water beads up and falls off.  I should also note that it tends to stay cleaner longer.  Very impressed, very happy.  I cannot recommend The Detailist enough!
Services Received: Signature Exterior Detailing, Paint Correction, Ceramic Coating
"Thanks Curtis & crew for the great detail job on my 2008 Buick Enclave. I asked for showroom quality finish inside & outside.You delivered!Great job!I would recommend Detailist LLC to everyone."
Services Received: Stage 1 Interior/Exterior
~Fred O.
Google 5 Star
2008 Buick Enclave
July, 2023
"I brought my 2020 SUV to the Detailist today, as it was looking pretty rough lately.  So so glad I did!  My car looks fantastic - they were able to get rid of the horrible stains on the hard plastic around my windows - which is something I had been told couldn’t be done cheaply by other detailing places in Bellingham.  I hired them to do the outside only, but I’m pretty sure they did a bit of extra work on the interior as well - thanks guys, for going above and beyond!!!  I highly recommend the Detailist for auto detailing work, and I’ve already booked my next appointment in six months.  Reasonable prices and very professional, detailed work."
Services Received: Signature Exterior
~Matthew R.
Google 5 Star
2020 SUV
June, 2023
"The Detailist uses high quality ceramic coating (80% or higher).  This lasts many years.  They also applied self-healing plastic film to prevent rock chips.  Applied ceramic to the dash and other places on the vehicle.  Applied protectant to the leather upholstery.  The job was so good that after driving through the Rocky Mountains with salt and gravel everywhere, it rained for just a few minutes.  Suddenly my SUV, which looked like it had been through hell and back, looked like brand new!  Even the wheels!  This is the best protection I have ever had.  And the level of services provided is way above that of any other business I have been to.  Well worth the price because it lasts so long.  I used to detail cars myself.  What I did back then was just kid stuff today.  Ditch the kids...go to the Detailist!"
Services Received: Stage 1 Interior/Exterior, Headlight Restore, Engine detailing, Paint Correction
~Rob S.
Google 5 Star
June, 2023
"We moved to the area a couple of years ago and I just didn't want to have to drive to Bellingham to get my cars detailed.  We have two Teslas and an older Tahoe.  They have detailed all three cars and did an amazing job with each.  The Tahoe is basically our dog mobile but our 16 year old drives it now so we needed to get all the dog smell and hair and stains out of the carpets.  The Tahoe came back looking almost as new as the day I bought it.  Our Tesla's both looked as though we just drove them off the show room floor.  They were even somehow able to remove some minor scratches on the hood that I can no longer see.  Process is easy.  You just schedule your appointment, drop of your car and they will let you know when it's ready for pickup.  Generally the same day which is nice.  Prices are VERY reasonable for the amount of work they do and I will not use any other place because they are just THAT good.  If you're a sports vehicle or collector they have all kinds of special packages for you as well.  Check them out, you won't be disappointed!  We are repeat customers for life.  So glad I tried them."
Services Received: Stage 1 Interior/Exterior
~Jennifer S.
Google 5 Star
2 Teslas
March, 2023
"Excellent scratch removal and ceramic coating service.  Curtis is very knowledgeable and prompt in his communication.  I received multiple updates on the process and was very pleased with the final product.  Would definitely recommend for those wanting to protect their investment."
Services Received: Stage 1 Interior/Exterior, Paint Correction, Ceramic Coating
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